The Web presents an excellent opportunity for communication and business. There are more than 800 million sites (with 25 million sites being added every month) dealing with every conceivable area of interest. The main reason for the popularity is the low entry barrier and the fact that the web treats a small business or an individual at the same level as that of a multi billion-dollar corporation. And of course, you are visible to the whole world 24 hours a day throughout the year. That means, virtually your office is open for business 24 hours, seven days a week.

The key to having a successful Internet presence is the design aspect. This ensures that the site is informative and attracts all viewers irrespective of the hardware/ software they are using. At Accosoft (India), we have the professional expertise to design and maintain your site on a regular basis. We are specialists in CODE programming and work in raw HTML & scripts.

Our approach is TEAM based. We want your site to be a top quality site and make your investment rewarding. We sincerely believe a happy and satisfied customer is the best advertisement of our services. In fact no work on a site commences unless competitive sites are researched. We try to learn our clients business and understand their unique needs. Through in-depth consultation with each client, we are able to design a web site or multimedia presentation that best fits his or her mission. Everyone’s needs are different; we strive to fulfill them all. Whether from scratch or from ideas you wish to implement we will design a page that you will be satisfied with. What this means for you is an extremely functional, informative and visually appealing site. A site which your visitor will enjoy.

Whether you have a new site design you would like or a remodel, our professional developers are ready to create a web site that will stand out against the competition. If your company already has a web site up and running, you have probably experienced the headache of keeping your site up-to-date. You have probably found that it is either cost prohibitive to hire a full-time web site design professional, or your current web design firm isn’t able to meet deadlines. Accosoft (India) is your web site maintenance outsourcing solution. When you need someone to take action and get the job done look no further!


At Accosoft (India), we have evolved a process of work. This five-phase method is built on understanding, planning, designing, implementing, and enhancing your solution. We work closely with you to understand your business from different perspectives so that we can plan an effective solution for your business.

e-Consultation: e-Consultation is the process of determining the best way to integrate the internet and your business. We sit down together and discuss your internet business aims and objectives, expected functions and features, vision of the site layout and identification of your target audience.

e-Solution: e-Solution is the process of integrating your business and the internet into one. This integration process will put your business ahead of the competition by making it an e-business.

Development: Once the layout of your site has been decided the job of creating your site goes to work. As we move forward with the design, the dialogue continues as feedback flows back and forth. The result: a bold, highly developed, instantly recognizable online presence.

Site Launch: This phase includes launch of the developed site and user acceptance tests. The site shall be uploaded to the hosting server. The system shall be tested for design, content, user interaction, and technical components like programming, databases, etc.

Post Launch: We will be available with you even after the successful launch of your website


Accosoft (India) has given the industry one of the best IT solutions. Besides looking great, our sites are fast downloading, easily navigable, interactive and rich in content. Our dedicated team of highly motivated designers, programmers and web-writers combine cutting edge technologies and graphics to make your site stand out.