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Post Graduate Program in eBusiness Management (PGPeBM)

The PGP E-Business Management (PGPeBM) is a unique multidisciplinary programme designed for ambitious graduates wanting to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to shape innovation in e-business and e-commerce brought about by Internet, mobile, and multimedia technologies.

The programme builds your understanding of both business and technology areas. Within the programme modules you will cover a wide range of topics such as e-business, e-marketing, online marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, web hosting & internet technologies, SEO/SEM, Pay Per Click Advertising, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing etc.

Programme focus

The PGPeBM programme focuses on skills and knowledge required to maximise the potential of modern information technologies for innovation in business. That is why the programme is designed as holistic experience, with an equal balance of business and technology topics and with a focus on integrating topics that are often taught in isolation.

The programme is run jointly by the Accosoft (India) and Institutions in India at various locations in Chandigarh, Punjab & Himachal Pradesh, they have excellence in their respective disciplines. The flexibility offered within the programme means you have a variety of career choices – for example, as an e-marketing OR Digital Marketing managers in private and public sector organisations, as online marketing managers in new or emerging firms requiring SEO / SEM, PPC, e-mail marketing, SMM skills, or as project managers in existing technology and service providers. Our Alumni Profiles give you an idea of what our graduates go on to do.

What are the future prospects?

E business is the fastest growing avenue of business in the world, and has shown a phenomenal rate of expansion that has no match in history. Thanks to the relative ease of buying and selling over the internet, the field of e-business will continue to expand. A post graduation of e-business is the best way to take advantage of this growth and start your own business or work for one of many internet based businesses.

Digital Marketing Training Courses

Digital Marketing is a trusted Search Engine Optimization training offering the highest quality SEO advice, training, consulting and related Internet marketing services. Our objective is to provide cost-effective SEO trainings, solution and internet marketing services, designed specifically for the students. We train the trainees on SEO, PPC, and social media. In order to teach it, you have to stay up to date with the latest happenings and that’s what we do! Our commitment is to do everything possible to help grab your share of the internet. We work smarter to compliment your vision with proven high-performance search engine marketing to assure that the dream you have for success becomes a reality. Also, to aid SEO aspirant to take our SEO training course from a remote location, Digital Marketing Study has launched a new platform which enables candidates to enroll online as well as take the SEO trainings in an effective manner.

SEO Teaching : Learn Online Marketing/ Internet Marketing From An Industry Expert(s) And Start Working for Oversea Clients as a FREELANCER In 45 Days…

If you looking for SEO Training to start your career as SEO expert? We assured that anyone can learn the most beneficial Search Engine Optimization techniques that deliver results regardless of academic background or previous knowledge of SEO. Our SEO training course is ideal for anyone who is looking for immediate results. The SEO training course curriculum for our SEO training program is very simple.

It starts with understanding some basic SEO principles and focuses on two main areas. The first is “on page optimization”. This is what you do to your website to enhance search engine result placements. By applying these principles, you’re developing a strong foundation for your search engine optimization efforts that can be sustained over the long term.

The second area is “off page optimization”. In a nutshell, this is the secret sauce that drives Google results. The formula is complex and no one really knows how much of each ingredient goes into it, but we have a pretty good idea! We’ll take you by the hand and show you the step-by-step the specific techniques you can apply IMMEDIATELY to improve your web site’s search ranking. Once you understand these principles and practice applying them, it’s off to the races.

Through our SEO training programs, you’ll learn:

*      How to attract genuinely targeted traffic that converts to sales;

*      How to maximize your Web site’s hidden potential and more……;

Attention B.Tech/ BE/ MBA/ MCA Students

(LEARN Search Engine Optimization/ Search Engine Marketing / Online Marketing)

We provide Online Training/ Summer Training for B.Tech/ BE/ MBA/ MCA (6 Months OR 2 Months) for Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing & Online Marketing (Banner Ads, Text Ads, Google Adword & Adsense, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Google Analytics). We also provide guidance for the preparation of Project Reports



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Learn the Best Online Marketing Skills

Technology and the Internet have dramatically changed the way that businesses interact, market, and sell to customers. The rapid replacement of traditional media by social networking sites, websites, blogs, and video sharing sites has created an urgent demand for professionals who can think innovatively about how to successfully capitalize and capture the opportunities of an enormous audience through digital channels. DMS puts you on the fast-track to understanding the industry and gaining the skills needed to secure exciting marketing roles with leading brands and agencies around the world.